Metro is safer.

The safety and security of our patrons and our employees are our number one priority. We’re determined to foster a positive environment for mobility in its many forms. Among our efforts and results this year:

  • To help patrons understand and practice safety around transit, Metro’s Transit Safety Team reached out to more than 315,400 transit users within LA County.
  • Simultaneously, the award-winning Metro Safety Ambassadors – a 12-year-old program made up of retired Metro operators at-grade crossings along the Blue and Expo Lines – encouraged safe behavior and helped patrons along their journey.
  • Protecting our bus operators and patrons is a key effort. We began receiving new buses equipped with driver’s compartments protected by polycarbonate safety barriers, and we’re continuing to install CCTV security cameras on buses. When people view themselves on video monitors, they are less likely to commit crimes.
  • Metro became one of the first transit agencies in the country to attack the problem of sexual harassment with a comprehensive campaign involving communications, security, planning, the LASD and the community advocacy organization Peace Over Violence.
  • Metro also launched the “Don’t Be Silent” public information and law enforcement campaign to combat human trafficking. The effort aims to teach transit patrons how to identify and report potential incidents.
  • As we build, repair and improve our fleet and our system, on-the-job safety requires constant diligence. We’re proud to report that the number of reported industrial injuries was reduced by nine percent, saving the agency an estimated $5.3 million in future disability, medical and legal expenses.