Metro is maintenance-minded.

At the same time we’re building, we continue to be careful stewards of the assets we have in service. Our maintenance and improvements spending grew 25 percent last year, from $328 to $411 million.

  • After 15 years of deferred maintenance, we’re in the midst of a $1.2 billion overhaul of the Blue Line. The renovation will span several years and bolster reliability, comfort, and safety for our customers.
  • Green Line stations are being refurbished. New paint to brighten the stations and signal system repairs to create a smoother transition for trains coming in and out of stations are part of our plan.
  • Metro buses are cleaner, according to our customer surveys and feedback from our Service Council members.
  • In terms of reliability, our buses now travel many more miles before needing mechanical assistance: from a 3,000-mile span in 2008 to more than 4,500 miles in January 2015. (And fewer buses out of service means better service for our customers.)
  • Metro Rail’s on-time performance is above 99 percent for the Red and Purple Line subways and above 98 percent for light rail, which often operates at street level and follows the constraints of traffic rules.
  • Our redesigned TAP vending machine screens make it easier for our customers to purchase and reload regular and reduced fares.
  • The recently completed I-405 Sepulveda Pass freeway improvement project is paying off. A study comparing traffic flow on the I-405 before and after the project’s numerous freeway improvements found a drop in the number of reported accidents; the afternoon weekday rush hour window is two hours less; northbound vehicle capacity is 15 percent greater and person capacity is 30 percent greater; and overall travel times between the I-10 and US-101 have improved.
  • Work on the massive I-5 widening project between the I-605 and the Orange County Line continues. This key Measure R road project will significantly improve traffic for automobiles, as well as the many trucks traveling from the Ports of LA and San Pedro.