Metro is transforming LA County.

2015 Report to the Community

We’re building the best, most innovative, balanced and customer-focused transportation system in the world.

With our eyes on the horizon, we’re building the best, most innovative, balanced and customer-focused transportation system in the world for one of the best regions in the world. And we are excited.

At the same time, we know we are the custodians of valuable taxpayer dollars and we take that role very seriously. It’s an awesome responsibility to be frugal, responsible, practical and accountable. And as you read the pages that follow, we hope you will see how we’ve put that commitment into action.

LA County is the envy of dreamers around the globe. Blue skies. Endless beaches. The best and the brightest minds from around the globe. World-class art, music, food. Top-tier universities. And a transit network – including an amazing freeway system – that we’re working to improve every day.

But what will our legacy be?

Will it be continued freeway traffic jams? Or will it be more mobility choices, affordable housing, and jobs? It’s up to us.

With your help, we are well on our way to untangling the conditions that have created our current traffic challenges. But we realize there is still so much to do.

Thanks to your support of Measure R, we have two rail lines opening next year, three more under construction and massive highway upgrades underway. During the past fiscal year (FY2015) Metro provided LA County’s 88 cities and unincorporated areas with more than $435 million for 2,500 local improvement projects, including those for pedestrian safety, street repairs, and traffic enhancements.

In April 2015, we opened an additional five miles of bus-dedicated lanes along Wilshire Blvd. We funded work for the massive I-5 freeway widening between the I-605 and the Orange County line, and the I-5 north from SR-134 toward SR-118.

It’s the largest group of modern public works projects in the country and as a region, we should be proud of the courage it took to move forward with more transportation investment, even throughout the challenges and uncertainties prompted by the Great Recession.

While we are building, we are taking our citizens where they need to go. We had 450 million boardings on our buses and trains in FY2015, at the same time nearly 34 million trips occurred on the I-110 and I-10 freeway ExpressLanes. We managed more than $20 million in projects for bikes and pedestrians. We provided about $200 million in discounts to low-income commuters, students, seniors and the disabled communities. We also provided significant financial support for other key transit operators, including Metrolink and municipal operators throughout LA County.

And so I invite you to take a look, in the pages that follow, at what we are doing and how we are doing it. We know you’ll agree that there is a lot for LA County to be proud of. And so much to look forward to as we continue to transform the region through transportation.


Metro CEO Phillip Washington_FY16

Phillip A. Washington
Chief Executive Officer

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