Next stop: more for LA.

2017 Report to the Communities of LA County

Letter from a Servant Leader

Next stop: the future.

Phillip A. Washington, Chief Executive Officer

Transportation impacts our lives in ways that we don’t always think about. Beyond giving you options to get where you need to go, transportation helps rebuild communities, creates good-paying jobs and contributes to a better environment. That’s why we are waging a transportation revolution. It’s about developing a variety of choices that will make it easier to ride Metro or combine it with cars, bikes, rideshare, walking or options not yet developed.

It has been a productive year. Since you voted in 2016 to support Measure M, Metro’s ballot measure for transportation, we have hit the ground running on many road and rail projects, and a host of other programs to enhance mobility across LA County.

In June, the Measure M Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee was formed, ensuring independent oversight is in place so that Measure M is delivered as intended.

In December, we broke ground on the …rst major Measure M project, the Gold Line Extension from Azusa to Claremont.

Our massive tunnel boring machines—named Harriet and Angeli by children who attend school near the rail projects—completed tunneling for the Crenshaw/LAX Line and Regional Connector. We’re already planning for the opening of the Crenshaw Rail Line in Fall 2019. We continued construction on the …rst phase of the Purple Line subway extension in the Mid-Wilshire district. We’re pursuing partnerships with the private sector to speed up the Sepulveda Transit Corridor and the West Santa Ana Branch Rail Line. 

In 2017, the ExpressLanes on the 10 and 110 freeways carried 41 million trips—an 8.5 percent increase over the previous year—and net tolls collected were spent on transit, road repairs, and other improvements.

We continued our bus and rail maintenance and overhaul programs and successfully tested all-door bus boarding to speed up our service and help our busy patrons reach their destinations on time. The successful test led the Metro Board to identify Line 754 in the Vermont Corridor, the second busiest line in our system, as the next route for all-door boarding.

We’re also working to keep our system in good operating condition as we move 1.3 million people daily. Our buses now travel many more miles before needing mechanical assistance than they did in 2008: from 3,000 miles in 2008 to nearly 5,200 miles now. Our rail on-time performance ranges from 99 percent for the Red and Purple Line subways to slightly less—98 percent—for light rail, which often operates at street level and stops at traffic signals.

In our continuing quest for innovative travel options, we laid the groundwork for two experiments with on-demand, ¡exible route service to better connect neighborhoods with transit stations and make it easier for all Metro customers to get around.

All of these projects and more are about TIME. Time spent. Time saved. Time enjoyed. And running through all of our efforts is our mission to give you back the precious commodity of time, to do with as you please.


To assist with this, we’re reimagining bus service for the 21st century through the NextGen Bus Service Study that will evaluate our current system and determine ways to redesign it to meet your needs now and in the future.

Our 28 by 2028 initiative aims to complete 28 major transit projects by the time Los Angeles hosts the 2028 Olympics and Paralympic Games. One of them will extend the Purple Line to Westwood and serve many venues at UCLA. We’ve developed a Strategic Plan and are updating our Long Range Transportation Plan—the roadmaps we will use to keep our progress on track. And we’re continuing construction on one of the largest public works programs in the nation. If you live, work or play in any of the construction corridors, we thank you for your patience!

As we continue to write the Metro story, history will record that 2017 was the most important year in LA County’s infrastructure history. It’s exciting to think that years from now, our regional transportation structure will look completely different and that we are creating an infrastructure inheritance for our children and grandchildren. With your help, we’re shaping LA County transportation for the future.

Thank you for placing a sacred trust in us to implement the largest infrastructure expansion program in North America.

CEO Phillip Washington signature